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jumping worms

Jumping Worms Found in Waukesha County

According to the Wisconsin DNR, the jumping worm — a destructive invasive species found in Wisconsin for the first time in Madison in October 2013 — has been positively identified in five Wisconsin counties. These include multiple spots in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties. Jumping worms are brown to grayish black and are 3 to 5 […]

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Have a Yard or Garden Question?

In Waukesha County, call the Waukesha County UW-Extension Horticulture Helpline at 262-548-7779. This is a free phone service for callers to speak with a trained UW-Extension Master Gardener volunteer regarding plant, bug or soil questions. Telephone hours for the Horticulture Helpline are presently Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9 am to noon. You can also […]

people in circle

UW-Extension Local Government Center is Offering Two Programs in July

The UW-Extension Local Government Center (LGC), which provides local government education, is offering two programs in July. “2015 Board of Review (BOR)” training can be viewed at your convenience (on DVD). Learn about BOR fundamentals and portrayal of a BOR hearing from start to finish. After each segment a panel of local government experts explains […]

viburnum leaf beetle adlut

Viburnum Leaf Beetle Found in Northern Milwaukee County

The viburnum leaf beetle (VLB), Pyrrhalta viburni, is an invasive pest of European origin. It was detected in Canada in 1947 and in New York State in VLB can now be found scattered across much of the northeastern part of the country. In 2014, VLB was detected on a viburnum bush in northern Milwaukee County. This June other […]

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Water Is Essential for Container Garden Success

Lack of water is the number one cause for the failure of container gardens. Check containers daily to see if they are dry. Temperature, wind, sun, and container type and size will all affect watering frequency.  Water thoroughly until the water drains through the bottom of the pot and do not let plants sit in […]